Aviation Tax Reduction Planning

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In order to claim all available tax deductions, aircraft owners and operators must adhere to very specific recordkeeping guidelines. The IRS requires a meticulous accounting of the details of every flight including the number of passengers on board, the purpose of the flight, the destination, and how many miles were traveled. Incomplete or inaccurate records will cost you money on your taxes and may also catch unwanted attention from the IRS. To make sure your aviation business stays compliant, turn to Maxwell CPA. We understand how to manage this documentation and will help maintain your records throughout the year so your business is able to claim all legal deductions available at tax time.

As your CPA firm, Maxwell CPA will always have your best interests at heart when it comes to tax planning. We know that tax planning must be proactive not reactive so we make it our business to be well-versed in the newest tax legislation. With us in your corner, you'll be confident that you'll never hand over one dollar more than you are legally obligated to pay.

Let us worry about the numbers and avoid surprises at tax time. Contact us now at 870-364-8992 or request a free consultation to learn more about our aviation tax services.

Aviation tax planning:

  • Managing tax liability of fractional ownership
  • Strategic tax planning for aircraft owners and operators
  • Tax preparation for aviation companies
  • Resolution of IRS aviation and aircraft-related tax problems
  • Sales and use taxes
  • Property taxes