Who We Serve

Maxwell CPA specializes in aviation accounting and tax services for a wide variety of aircraft owners and operators. Contact us at 870-364-8992 today or request a free consultation through our website to learn more. We serve the following types of clients in the aviation industry:

Businesses Owning and Operating Private Airplanes

We serve the aviation accounting needs of corporations, the farming industry, and other types of businesses that own and operate airplanes.

Aerial Applicators/Crop Dusters

We help small aircraft owners like aerial applicators and crop dusters simplify their accounting and get every legal tax break possible.

Aircraft Management Companies

Aircraft management companies count on us to provide detailed flight and passenger records to fractional owners that are in line with current IRS guidelines.

Pilots and Flight Crew

Pilots, flight attendants, and other flight crew members get all the deductions they deserve on their federal and state tax returns when they work with us.

Regional Airports

For smaller airports, we'll answer questions on how to properly manage records and how expenses should be allocated to stay in compliance with government regulations.

Flight Schools

We offer trusted accounting and bookkeeping services from a CPA firm that understands the industry and knows how to keep your records in compliance.

Aerospace Manufacturing and Other Aviation-Related Businesses

With our assistance, all types of aviation-related businesses will keep their accounting up-to-date and take advantage of all available tax breaks for the industry.