Flight Crew Tax Preparation Services

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In today's do-it-yourself world, preparing your own tax return may seem like a good idea but it could end up costing you money, especially if you work in the aviation industry. Pilots, flight attendants, and other flight crew members are allowed to take special deductions on travel-related expenses like uniforms, dry cleaning, and union dues. Online tax software, or even the wrong tax preparer, may miss deductions you're legally entitled to, costing you money. Save the most money possible on your taxes by working with a CPA firm experienced in aviation industry tax compliance, Maxwell CPA.

We make it our business to stay informed on the latest tax code changes that impact the aviation industry. So when you turn to us for tax preparation services, we'll leverage every tax break and deduction the law allows to save you money on taxes. We'll show you what you can legally deduct, answer any questions about your taxes, and will make sure you get your tax return back fast.

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Flight Crew Tax Return Services

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  • Tax returns for flight attendants
  • Flight crew income tax returns